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Danielle Harris Directing an All-Female Slasher Titled ‘Sequel’ for Producer Joe Dante

October 27, 2020   |   Written by John Squires

In the wake of her films Prank and Among Friends, horror icon Danielle Harris will be returning to the director’s chair with the upcoming Sequel, being billed as an all-female slasher.

The “darkly comedic” horror movie comes from Joe Dante’s production company, Renfield Productions. “Though plot details remain under wraps, the title suggests a satirical shredding of the horror industry’s “final girl” trope,” the official press release sent out today teases.

“Written by notable British scribe James Moran (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Severance), Sequel promises to be a brash, unashamed spectacle led by an all-star cast of take-no-prisoner heroines, and presented by a high-caliber lineup of filmmakers. There is currently no date set for production, but Renfield anticipates that cameras will roll by the second or third quarter of 2021.”

“Our team knew immediately James [Moran] was rewriting the rules. It’s like he combined Charlie’s Angels and Scream together to get this entirely fresh subgenre of female action slasher. It’s hilarious and adrenalizing – a dragon only Danielle can tame,” said producer Mark Alan.

Danielle Harris commented, “I knew as soon as I finished reading the first act that Sequel was the perfect fit for me. I could finally bring all of my experiences in the horror genre behind the camera and into these exceptionally written final girl characters. I’ve been on the hunt for a story that had strong female leads and was intelligent and darkly comedic. I just didn’t want to do anything paranormal since we have enough real-life evil without having to go make shit up. If I’m going to spend the next two years of my life on a film, it has to be fun – and this story has it all. With Joe Dante and Mark Alan by my side, we’re gonna kill it.”

—Source: Bloody-Disgusting.com