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August 28, 2021
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Mena Suvari and Danielle Harris To Star in George Henry Horton’s ‘Anne, With Love’, Filming Underway
The director tells us he wants viewers to feel less alone than they have the last 18 months.

Mena Suvari (American Horror Story) and Danielle Harris (the Halloween and Hatchet series) have boarded the cast of the psychological thriller Anne, With Love. George Henry Horton (Dreadspace) will direct from a script he co-wrote with star Blaine Morris, and both Suvari and Harris will co-produce the film with Horton and Matt Simonelli.

“Anne, With Love explores violence and vulnerability, intimacy and integrity, and how far a kind soul can be scorned before penances must be paid,” Horton told Dread Central following the announcement. “We’re endeavoring to tell a story which, under the thrills and scares, will ring true to viewers and make them feel less alone, as so many have in the last 18 months.”

In Anne, With Love, Morris stars as Anne, a painter who battles inner demons and lives in isolation when her husband inexplicably disappears. Suvari will play Anne’s close friend Maya, who harbors a dark secret of her own. Harris will play Anne’s neighbor, whose appearance mirrors the circumstances of her life.

“I’m thrilled and humbled to work with Mena and Danielle. We’re beyond excited for what they will bring to the table,” adds Horton. “Having followed both of their careers for many years, I couldn’t be happier!”

Jaime Gallagher (Nightshade), Luke Barnett (Faith Based), Rocky Perez (Gotham), Anwar Wolf (High Maintenance), Leonard Amoia, Lucy Werner, Hunter Brown, and Robert H. Lambert (Burying Yasmeen) round out the film’s supporting cast.

Production on the film has now begun in Los Angeles and Florida.

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—Source: DreadCentral.com

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